June 2016 Police Blotter

Police Blotter: Clairemont Times

Vehicle Break-In 5400 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Commercial Burglary 4900 Clairemont Dr.

Battery 3100 Luna Ave.

Fraud 4500 Lisann St.

Vehicle Break-In 5000 Santa Fe St.

Vehicle Break-In 4500 Chesire St.

Fraud 5600 Balboa Ave.

Commercial Burglary 7100 Linda Vista

Vandalism 6500 Beadnell Way

Residential Burglary 4600 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 4200 Saginaw Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 4000 Huerfano Ave.

Battery 4500 Clairemont Dr.

Residential Burglary 7800 Mocking Bird Dr.

Battery 4100 Genesee Ave.

Vandalism 6500 Beadnell Way

Residential Burglary 3600 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vehicle Break-In 2500 Clairemont Dr.

Commercial Burglary 1200 Morena Blvd.

Assault 6200 Beadnell Way

Vehicle Theft 5300 Dante St.

Vehicle Break-In 5000 Dubois Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 7100 Salizar St.

Residential Burglary 3300 Marlesta Sr.

Vehicle Break-In 2100 Frankfort St.

Theft 3900 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vehicle Break-In 4000 Mt. Acadia Blvd.

Theft 5200 Balboa Ave.

Vehicle Theft 3700 Balboa Terrace

Theft 4700 Clairemont Dr.

Battery 4800 Kesling Ct.

Vehicle Break-In 3600 Mt. Abraham Ave.

Vandalism 4600 Limerick Ave.

Fraud 6200 Beadnell Way

Vehicle Break-In 2700 Figueroa Blvd.

Vehicle Break-In 3100 Luna Ave.

Residential Burglary 4400 Bertha Ct.

Vehicle Break-In 3500 Del Rey St.

Vehicle Theft 4200 Genesee Ave.

Vandalism 4600 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Theft 4500 Manitou Way

Fraud 3200 Moccasin Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 4000 Huerfano Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 2400 Chicago St.

Vandalism 3600 Clairemont Dr.

Commercial Burglary 5500 Balboa Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 5000 Chateau Dr.

Arson 5600 Mt. Ackerly Dr.

Vandalism 5400 Cole St.

Residential Burglary 4600 Mt. Longs Dr.

Vandalism 3800 Camto Aguilar

Vehicle Break-In 4100 Genesee Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 5200 Appleton St.


This Police Blotter compiled via information from www.CrimeMapping.com

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