Hit & Run in Clairemont with SDPD Cruiser

Police Blotter: Clairemont Times


09/11/17 12:30am

4900 Monongahela Street

23103VC Reckless Driving / 20002 VC Hit and Run

Officers responded to the area of Jutland Drive and Morena Boulevard for vehicles racing in the area.

Police attempted to stop a vehicle for speed, 50mph in a residential area. The officer activated his overhead lights and the suspect sped off, running several stop signs and turning off his lights. The suspect drove to the deadend of 4900 Monongahela Street and turned around facing the police unit. The officer exited his patrol vehicle leaving the driver’s door open and attempted to make contact with the suspect. The suspect sped off and stuck the open driver’s door, causing minor damage to the door.

The officer terminated the pursuit due to speed, but continued to search the area for the suspect. Police located the suspect back at dead-end of 4900 Monongahela Street. The suspect saw the police approaching and accelerated hitting a street sign.

The suspect an 18 year old Black male was taken into custody without further incident and no officers were injured.

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