High Tech High 9th Graders Give Back to Linda Vista

A Ninth Grade Physics Class Gives Back to the Youth of Linda Vista

Support for healthy alternatives and encouraging positive lifestyle choices by our young people was the purpose of advocating for a Skatepark in Linda Vista. Due to the increased popularity of skateboarding, partly because of events like the DEW Tour and X Games, more and more kids have taken up the sport.

Skateboarding is something that can teach hard work, discipline and a sense of accomplishment. Also, it is very common long time friendships are formed often with other likeminded individuals, therefore creating a sense of belonging and kinship. All good tools to have in your arsenal as a young person who is finding themselves and eventually their path in life.

What’s most exciting is the growing support for the Skatepark scheduled to break ground in early 2016. Councilman Scott Sherman has been a key supporter of the Linda Vista Skatepark since the beginning. The Councilman is a big advocate for the youth and really embraced the idea of creating Linda Vista’s first safe, legal skateboarding zone where kids can feel secure and have fun skateboarding.



On June 4th alongside ninth graders from High Tech High School’s Physics Dept. Councilman Sherman   and the students donated 24 skateboards for children in Linda Vista who are at risk or otherwise could not afford one. The class used the skateboards in an assignment learning physics. Once they were done with the skateboards, the students decided that they would donate the boards to children in Linda Vista who would really appreciate them. “Kudos to all!”

On July 1st through July 15th we put drop boxes in local stores where kids could write a few lines about what a free skateboard would mean to them.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but in hindsight, this was going to be exactly what we set out to do and will continue to do, enriching the quality of life for our kids.


We selected who the boards would go to based on the entries in our drop boxes. As you can imagine I would have liked to give a skateboard to everyone who turned in a slip and will continue to try by having further events in the future. The kids that did receive skateboards were truly surprised and excited when we called. It was a good feeling because I am confident that every skateboard went to a home where it was a smile that was needed at that time or used to raise the confidence of an at risk youth and restore purpose.


Here is an example of one of the entries we received. “What would a free skateboard mean to you?”  “I deserve a skateboard because sometimes my family can’t support me. Because my mom has stage 4 cancer (lung) and a brain tumor. My dad has a low paying job so I really think I can use one. Thank you. – Linda Vista Youth


We were truly humbled by the opportunity to give back locally.  Thanks again to Councilman Scott Sherman and his staff and Mr. McClendon and his ninth grade physics class from High Tech High School.

The Linda Vista Skatepark will be completed in early 2017 but the positive impact it will have on many young people in Linda Vista has already begun. Thanks to all for the Support!

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