Have you ever thought a government agency blew you off?

Even after six months, the left-turn arrow traffic signals on Morena Boulevard at Avati Drive have still not been fixed (photo: Bill Swank)

On September 21, 2018, the left-turn arrow traffic signal malfunction on north and southbound Morena Boulevard at Avati Drive was reported to the City of San Diego’s Transportation Engineering Operations Division. (Report Number 02406253)

At that time, a city traffic engineer acknowledged the sensors for the left-turn arrow signals on Morena Boulevard were damaged by an independent contractor who made road repairs earlier that year.

In November 2018, The Clairemont Times reported that the repairs would be completed by March 2019.

It has now been more than six months since the problem was submitted to the city and the repairs have still not been made.

According to the City of San Diego’s “Get It Done” website, the problem was reported on September 21, 2018 and corrected on October 9, 2018. The matter was closed.

How can the matter be closed if the problem has not been corrected?

The Transportation Engineering Operations Division referred this matter to the Public Works and Communications Departments.

Senior Public Information Officer Anthony Santacroce acknowledged there is a problem with the city’s “Get It Done” website and eventually agreed, “I’d be confused, too.”

The problem with the left-turn arrows cannot be corrected until Burtech Pipeline finishes their work on Morena Boulevard. The project was delayed by weather and the city has requested an update on the completion.

Burtech Pipelines was unable to provide an estimate prior to the newspaper’s deadline.

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