Happy Mother’s Day from Kim Cares Electronics

Kim Schultz, Owner of Kim Cares Electronic Help

My name is Kim Schultz and I know I am an incredibly lucky daughter. I am sure I was born to the sweetest, most loving, and smartest Mom ever! Yes, I know I will have a lot of opposition on this point; but Mother’s Day really brings my feelings about her to the surface.

While my Mom would smile with delight at my words,  I know when it comes to technology, she doesn’t feel like the smartest person ever. In fact, I started my business, Kim Cares Electronic Help,because of her. She was my inspiration. She is such a smart lady, yet she fell into that “group” of seniors that fell behind on how to use the plethora of technology that inundates us daily.

Instead of being overwhelmed by it all, I tell my customers to  decide what they need to know to make their life more fun and interesting. We then make a list and prioritize it. Next, I try to figure out how that person learns best. Some people need repetition, some writing it down, and others need visuals. I really try to zone in on my customer’s learning style. But the biggest emphasis is for me is that it is a “Fun” experience. I love what I do and I try to bring my enthusiasm to my customer’s.

Recently, a client gave me a wonderful tip. She told me she learned to call her computer by a fun name. It changed her negative feelings about it into something more positive and less daunting. I took her advice and now open my laptop saying, “Hi Susie-Q,” after the funnest person I have ever known. This tip really works. I have gone on to name all my devices. I recommend everyone trying it.

Anyways, this Mother’s Day why not give Mom the gift of “one on one”, at home, training with me, Kim. Nothing is better for me than watching the “light go on” when the technology sinks in and I see a person’s confidence starts to build. Whether it is lessons on a cell phone, computer, iPad/tablet, or just learning to use Amazon or Netflix; a Kim Cares Electronic Help gift certificate might be the perfect gift for the Mom or Grandmother that has “everything.”

Call me at 619-261-1585 to find out more.  See my ad on Page 5

Mother’s Day special for the month of May: Pay for an hour and receive an extra half hour free.   

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