Happy Mother’s Day

A few people were asking me to write about how my KGB Homegrown song “Clairemont Mesa” came about. I think I’ll save that until next month and talk instead about my Mother.

I lost my Mother, Peggy Hyde in Dec. of 2010. I have thought about her every day since then. Even though she didn’t play an instrument, sing or write songs she played a huge part in my musical life. She made me take piano lessons when I was 5, even though I didn’t want to. Now of course I can’t imagine a life without a piano. She sat with me when I was a little boy and watched The Beatles change my life on the Ed Sullivan show.


A few weeks later she took me to buy a 20 dollar guitar to replace the fireplace shovel I had been playing since we saw The Beatles on TV. I started writing songs soon after that and my Mother listened to most all of them up until the last few months of her life. If my Mothers love for my music had decided things, I would have been bigger than The Beatles. I’m so glad my Mom enjoyed my music so much, and that she was able to see me play many times in her life. She got to hear my songs on the radio, TV, and in film.

I think her biggest kick came in 2008 when the Valley View Casino commercials I wrote and sang were running on TV during American Idol, a show she liked to watch (she didn’t know they were going to be aired during the show)

If you would like to hear a song about my beautiful Mother for Mothers Day go to, “I Love My Mom” by Gary Hyde on below. She got to hear this before she passed away.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Moms out there.  Special Hugs to Candace, Jean, Katie, Liz and Susie (It’s Nana day also) Talk to you next month.

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