Fire Destroys Clairemont Landmark

Fire Destroys a Clairemont Landmark

A fire in mid-June all but destroyed what was once the Jack LaLanne fitness center at the 3000 block  Clairemont Drive.  Renovations and improvements were taking place as the new owners of the gym had hoped to open soon.  A shipment of brand new exercise equipment had been scheduled for delivery, days after the fire, thankfully it never arrived.

Having been in the building less than a year ago I remember the indoor pool as well as the beautiful outdoor pool/patio with the million dollar view area overlooking Mission Bay.  However, touring the charred remains a couple weeks after, the beautiful outdoor pool was filled with black water.

The back wall of the fitness center facing the canyon is barely standing.  What were once locker rooms, saunas and mirrored work out rooms are now piles of burnt timber and ash.  A couple steel I-beams above seemingly keeping the building together.

As of late June, just prior to print, the businesses located to the south on the same property; a traffic school as well as a used car sales office was still without power and water.

After seeing such damage one cannot help but think the building will be slated for demolition, however there are no confirmed reports of that action taking place.

The cause of the fire, at the time of print, had not yet been determined.

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