Don’t Sweat—There’s a Burger Just For You Somewhere Nearby

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By Michael BaehrIf the hot weather is getting to you, don’t fret.  With so many new eateries popping up around town, you really don’t need to cook up a sweat in the kitchen… at least not in Clairemont.  There’s a bevy of new eateries popping up all over town, and this Chowhound has trotted through several neighborhoods to sample some of the burger joints—old and new—to see what’s out there.  Here’s what I found:

The Habit Burger Grill (Clairemont)

The latest Burger joint on the Clairemont scene is The Habit.  Their signature burger is the “Santa Barbara Style” double burger wedged between two buttery pieces of grilled sourdough

"Santa Barbara" Style Burger
“Santa Barbara” Style Burger

and served with avocado.  It’s more than a meal should be for one person. The ‘charburgers’ here are also tasty and satisfying as far as chain-style burgers go, and the fries passed the “fry test.”  As a side note, this Chowhound is not the biggest fan of onions, but the onion rings here are super crunchy and tasty.  That’s sayin’ something!

The Habit Burger Grill

4175 Genesee Ave

San Diego, CA  92111

(858) 277-1089

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Clairemont)

Not so new, but still considered a freshman on the Clairemont scene is Five Guys.  This mega-chain burger joint is usually noisy and bustling with activity.  Burger orders are (literally) screamed at the cook, and you can count on an 8-10 minute wait for every order.  Feeling antsy? Be sure to munch on the free peanuts while you wait.  The burgers here are basic, but they certainly do the trick.  Most burgers are typically served with double patties, so be sure to order a “Jr.” if you’re not starving.  As a bonus, you have the option of customizing your burger with a range of toppings at no extra charge.  ‘Skin-on’ fries are generously served in an overflowing cup.  Unfortunately, the heap of fries can backfire, making them soggy if not eaten immediately.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

5650 Balboa Ave, Suite 101

San Diego, CA  92117

(858) 277-1088

Anny’s Fine Burgers (Kearny Mesa)


To my surprise, there’s a burger joint that’s been around for a long time on the Kearny Mesa/Clairemont border called “Anny’s.”  This place is a dimly lit pub-style burger and wing joint that has ample seating inside and a large patio.  There are about 35 specialty burgers, including one for a hangover! I stuck with the ¼ lb. classic burger and fries.  The fries were awesome—seasoned and crispy style, my favorite.  The burger was cooked a little too well for my liking and I wasn’t crazy about the sweet bun.  That said, with so many burgers to choose from, I’ll be back for more… or at least for more fries!

Anny’s Fine Burgers

5375 Kearny Villa Road

San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 278 0618

Other Chowhound Notables:

Islands Burgers (Kearny Mesa) – One of my guilty pleasures is the Kilauea burger, served with jalapeno, black pepper, pepper jack cheese and chipotle aioli.  Just enough spice, fulfilling and oh-so-delicious–paired with an ice-cold beer and this Chowhound is in heaven!

Islands Burgers

7637 Balboa Ave

San Diego, CA  92111

(858) 569 8866

Rocky’s Crown Pub (Pacific Beach) – Perhaps my all-time favorite classic burger… just enough greasy goodness.  While there are other satisfying burger joints to rave about, this one is about simplicity.  Choose from two different sizes, with cheese or without, fries or not—that’s it.   This cash-only pub is worth the wait, every time.

Rocky’s Crown Pub

3786 Ingraham St

San Diego, CA  92109

(858) 273 9140

As this Chowhound has discovered, people have a definite opinion about their “best burger,” and I’m realizing it would be an impossible task to bestow this title on any one place.  There are too many factors that come into play and it all depends on what kind of burger strikes your fancy at any given moment.  That said, Clairemont and the surrounding area seems to have a burger place for just about every taste you can imagine.



Clairemont Chowhound Michael Baehr is a home cook and self-proclaimed foodie.  He loves sampling new eateries and welcomes your suggestions for local restaurants, fast food and specialty markets to review.



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