Councilmember Scott Sherman

More Pothole Repairs In Linda Vista

Guest Column by Scott Sherman


Thanks to increased street funding in Mayor Faulconer’s FY 2015 budget and reorganizations to pothole repair crews, more pothole repairs are happening in the Linda Vista community.

In the recently approved budget, 16 additional full-time city workers have been hired to focus solely on pothole repairs. These new workers are expected to double the amount of asphalt repairs annually in the City.

In the past, road-crews responded to pothole complaints as they came in. This means that a repair crew could fix a pothole in Linda Vista and drive across town to fix another pothole even if the next street over in needed repairs.

As a result of an Audit Committee recommendation, the old way has been changed to a more effective and efficient way of fixing potholes. Pothole repair crews now stay in one district the whole day fixing reported pothole problems in the district.

For this new measure to work effectively, it is important for Linda Vista residents to report potholes right away. To report potholes online, please visit the website here: Residents can also call and report a pothole at (619) 527-7500.

Of course residents can also contact my office to report a pothole or any other issue affecting their neighborhood. Please contact my office at 619-236-6677 or email me atScottSherman@SanDiego.Gov.

As many Linda Vista residents know, our roads and infrastructure have been neglected for far too long.  The new budget and street repair crew organization is a great start to getting our roads back on track.

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