Community Update on Mt. Alifan Apartments

Mt Alifan Apartments Open House
Standing room only at the Mt. Alifan Apartments Open House on April 11 (Photo by Clairemont Times )

This is an email from:

The Mt. Alifan Apartments Team:

PATH (People Assisting the Homeless)

PATH Ventures

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation



Thank you for your attendance at the Mt. Alifan Apartments Open House on April 11.

We regret that our room could not accommodate the high turnout that night and that our team members weren’t able to speak one-on-one with all who attended this meeting, which was the intention of the Open House.

We understand that many of you still have questions about Mt. Alifan Apartments and the supportive housing model for reducing homelessness. We are committed to providing you with a forum for an open and transparent discussion, which is why we are in the process of planning a more formal presentation as requested by many attendees at the Open House. To clear up some confusion that we’ve heard in the community, this presentation will NOT take place at tomorrow night’s Clairemont Community Planning Group Meeting (Tuesday, April 11).

In the meantime, as a supplement to the fact sheet that was handed out at our meeting, we’d like to answer a few more questions we received from community members:

Question: Will this be a homeless shelter?

Answer: No. Mt. Alifan Apartments will be a community of apartment homes where residents sign leases and must follow the terms of their lease. While living at this community, residents will have access to services that help them live more stable and independent lives.

Question: Is this being done by the City or the County?

Answer: No. This is being done by a development team of three nonprofits with experience building and managing housing communities just like Mt. Alifan Apartments: PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), PATH Ventures and Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation.

Question: What will happen to the office building that’s currently at the site?

Answer: The office building will be torn down and replaced by a new three-story building designed to fit in with the surrounding buildings.

Question: What is the approval process for Mt. Alifan Apartments?

Answer: We anticipate submitting for a Neighborhood Development Permit through the City of San Diego once we are further along in the planning and design process. This will involve us coming back to the Clairemont Community Planning Group for a recommendation. We will ensure that neighbors and businesses are notified prior to this meeting.

Question: What is the timeline?

Answer: It’s very early in the development process, so the earliest that construction would start is early 2020.

Information about our next forum will be sent to you by email and mailed to all neighboring residents and businesses to the Mt. Alifan Apartments site at 5858 Mt. Alifan Dr. If you have a specific question, please email to us at

To learn more visit


The Mt. Alifan Apartments Team:

PATH (People Assisting the Homeless)

PATH Ventures

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation

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