Clairemont Times Police Blotter March 2016

Police Blotter: Clairemont Times

Fraud 4500 Rolfe Rd.

Vehicle Break-In 3400 Waco St.

Vandalism 4600 Mt. Abernathy Ave.

Vehicle Theft 4300 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vehicle Break-In 4200 Quapaw Ave.

Fraud 4700 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vehicle Theft 5100 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Residential Burglary 3600 Joplin Ave.

Battery 5600 Balboa Ave.

Residential Burglary 7400 Ashford Pl.

Vehicle Break-In 3300 Lloyd St.

Fraud 6200 Beadnell Way

Battery 3500 Accomac Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 3500 Monair Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 4300 Morena Blvd.

Battery 5900 Chateau Dr.

Vehicle Theft 4100 Mt. Alifan Pl.

Vandalism 6500 Osler St.

Residential Burglary 4000 Huerfno Ave.

Vehicle Theft 3900 Mt. Blackburn Ave.

Vehicle Theft 4000 Huerfano Ave.

Vandalism 6600 Rockglen Ave.

Fraud 3700 Merrimac Ave.

Assault 2900 Cowley Way

Vehicle Break-In 7400 Linda Vista Rd.

Vehicle Break-In 3500 Del Rey St.

Vehicle Theft 3400 Mt. Aachen Ave.

Residential Burglary 3400 Old Cobble Ct.

Vehicle Theft 4600 Norwalk Ave.

Arson 5300 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Battery 4200 Genesee Ave.

Battery 3300 Armstrong St.

Fraud 3200 Fox Run Way

Residential Burglary 3100 Cowley Way

Vehicle Break-In 3800 Martha St.

Vehicle Break-In 7900 Nightingale Way

Vehicle Break-In 4000 Paducah Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 5300 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vehicle Theft 4700 Aberdeen St.

Commercial Burglary 4500 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Vandalism 4200 Mt. Herbert Ave.

Commercial Burglary 4700 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 4000 Cadden Way

Residential Burglary 2700 Lancha St.

Vehicle Theft 6400 Beadnell Way

Arson 4500 Mt. Herbert Ave.

Vehicle Theft 3500 Mt. Acadia Blvd.

Arson 3300 Idlewild Way

Commercial Burglary 3000 Clairemont Dr.

Fraud 4200 Mt. Abernathy Ave.

Residential Burglary 3100 Chicago St.

Battery 3300 Cowley Way

Vehicle Break-In 3300 Karok Ave.

Vehicle Theft 5200 Acuna St.

Vehicle Theft 4400 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Theft 4000 Huerfano Ave.

Residential Burglary 3400 Elsinore Pl.

Vehicle Theft 4600 Morena Blvd.

Vehicle Break-In 3300 Cowley Way

Vehicle Break-In 5100 Frink Ave.

Vehicle Theft 4100 Genesee Ave.

Residential Burglary 3300 Cowley Way


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