Clairemont Times April 2016 Police Blotter

At a recent community meeting in Linda Vista The public information officer from Western Division had a memorable quote to those in attendance, “If you see a crime being committed or witness suspicious activity, and don’t report it, in the eyes of the San Diego Police Department it did not occur.”

Call 911 for Emergencies
Non Emergency (619) 931-2000

Fraud 3300 Apache Ave

Battery 5600 Balboa Ave.

Battery 3300 Karok Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 5000 Coral Sand Terrace

Vehicle Break-In 4500 Bannock Ave.

Fraud 3500 Del Rey St.

Vehicle Break-In 5900 Chateau Dr.

Fraud 4600 Mt. Bigelow Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 3700 Armstrong St.

Assault 4200 Clairemont Dr.

Residential Burglary 4600 Dakota Dr.

Vehicle Theft 5000 Cole St.

Vehicle Break-In 4000 Huerfano Ave.

Vehicle Break-In 3600 Antiem St.

Battery 3700 Tomahawk Lane

Vehicle Break-In 3300 Idyllwild Way

Vehicle Theft 3100 Cowley Way

Vehicle Break-In 5300 Clairemont Mesa

Vehicle Break-In 6300 Mt. Ackerman Dr.

Vehicle Theft 3400 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Battery 4200 Genesee Ave.

Vehicle Theft 7300 Mesa College Cir.

Vehicle Theft 4000 Huerfano Ave.

Residential Burglary 5000 Canosa Ave.

Vehicle Theft 3500 Del Rey St.

Residential Burglary 6900 Tanglewood Rd.

Vehicle Break-In 4200 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 3500 Princeton Ave.

Fraud 4700 Mt. Longs Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 3700 Ticonderoga St.

Vehicle Theft 4400 Cannington Dr.

Vehicle Theft 4700 Mt. Longs Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 3300 Ashford St.

Fraud 5500 Via Bello Blvd.

Arson 3000 Clairemont Dr.

Residential Burglary 3100 Clairemont Dr.

Vehicle Theft 3600 Earnscliff Pl.

Vehicle Theft 5500 Balboa Arms Dr.

Battery 4500 Clairemont Dr.

Residential Burglary 7100 Frakes St.

Vehicle Theft 3700 Boyd Ave.

Vehicle Theft 5000 Mt. Harris Dr.

Residential Burglary 4500 Mt. Lindsey Pl.

Vehicle Break-In 4800 Mt. Hay Dr.

Vehicle Theft 7600 Stalmer St.

Commercial Burglary 5000 Santa Fe St.

Vehicle Break-In 5200 Mt. Alifan Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 4500 Limerick Way

Vehicle Break-In 5500 Balboa Arms Dr.

Vehicle Theft 4900 Iroquois Ave.

Vehicle Theft 4500 Clairemont Dr.

Residential Burglary 7400 Ashford Pl.

Battery 3400 Jemez Dr.

Vehicle Theft 6400 Mt. Ada Rd.

Residential Burglary 5000 Cole St.

Residential Burglary 5500 Chandler Dr.


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