City of San Diego to Restart Parking Enforcement on Thursday, Oct. 1

Begins with two-week warning period before citations for meter & street sweeping violations start 10/15

As an effort to boost San Diego’s economy by allowing increased turnover of customers at dining and retail businesses, enforcement of all parking regulations will resume starting Thursday, Oct. 1. The enforcement will begin with a two-week grace period and citations with corresponding fines will be issued beginning Thursday, Oct. 15.

The City temporarily suspended parking enforcement on March 16 following the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. In developing a plan to restart parking enforcement, City staff consulted with several business groups representing communities across San Diego. Bringing back parking enforcement is identified as one small step toward restoring San Diego’s economy.

Starting Oct. 1, the City will issue written warnings for vehicles parked in violation of:

  • Posted street sweeping routes.
  • Metered parking restrictions.
  • Curb time limits.
  • Commercial zones.

Citations will continue to be issued for vehicles parked illegally at red, white and blue painted curbs. Drivers are encouraged to follow posted signage when looking for a parking space. To learn more about parking rules in the City of San Diego or to pay a citation online, visit

Although street sweeping has continued during the public health emergency, the resumption of enforcement will allow City sweepers to once again sweep debris and dust pollution along the curb line to maintain improved water quality and greatly reduce the potential for flooding as the rainy season approaches.

During the two-week grace period, courtesy notices will be distributed to inform residents of the enforcement restart. View an interactive map and street sweeping schedules by visiting



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