Chris, Did You Vacuum Up the Bunny Poop?

TOMCAT Live Catch Mouse Trap. It says it will catch mice, my question WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?

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Yes, it is a real question, from my wife Renee, in my wildest dreams I thought I would never hear nor have to answer.  And yes I did.

I don’t know what the heck is going on lately, but starting a little over a month ago we began to find little pellets all on our turf.  Not talking 5 or 10 we are talking hundreds all over.  They just appeared, freaking little bunnies or rabbits or whatever they are.  Straight up POOP.

Did you know everytime a bunny blinks, it poops?  Yeah, me either, but that is apparently what is happening in our yard.  I do not have any facts to back it up, but I do have pellets.  We have had more little white tails hopping around after dark in our yard than Hef does at the Mansion!

So like a putz I am out with the shop vac vacuuming our yard, I can only imagine what the neighbors say when they drive by.  They must think I have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder first it was picking up Mexican Feather Grass sprouts all over (oh and they are still popping up EVERYWHERE it has been months) and now this; vacuuming the yard.  They always wave to me like “oh you poor sap, better you than me”.

It would not be such a big deal, but Sierra our oldest chocolate labs eats everything she is like a goat.  McCoy the (Pet of the Month) he spends his days outdoors nonstop rolling on his back legs up in the air just loving life.  So yes the poop pellets had to go.

If that were not enough last month I also found a mouse running through the garage like a little furry rocket he was gone.  The little mouse in that instant took the wind right out my sales it was like a sucker punch to the gut.  It’s not a big deal, but I now know we are not alone.  And we all know there is never one mouse it is always mice.  I made the mistake of telling Renee about our new guest(s), she immediately went to Google U and informed of all the doom and gloom news having a mouse in the house brings.

Next stop Home Depot and not for the neck snappers we have to use the humane catch and release.  It was too comical as this is my first foray into catch and release.  I am looking at this contraption, take it out of the box and set it down in the aisle of the store and decide ok this works.  Not two seconds later a woman abruptly walks up, goes straight for the neck snapper mouse traps and easily grabs a half dozen.  Me I am standing there with my ONE humane trap.  She looks at me bursts out laughing “good luck with that, I tried being nice once now I just want the mice gone” and with that she whisked herself away on a mission.

Well, I have since ordered a couple more fancy versions of the catch and release and guess what as of the print deadline now the mice are laughing at me. They are winning!  Good times, I tell ya!  As far as my product review goes, thus far, for the catch and release not a fan!

Many have suggested we get a cat, well these two keep us plenty busy.

So we’ve got a crappy bunny/rabbit story (literally), we’ve got mice, now would be a good time to promote family pets!

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