Chesterton Elementary Walk Audit

Chesterton Elementary has joined Rady Children’s Hospital to make our school zones safer and more walk-able for our children! Join the school staff, Rady Children’s Hospital, City engineers, SD police officers, and community members on a walk around the schools to discuss safety concerns and how we can address them together!

The goal of the Walk Audit is to evaluate the perimeter of the school (about ¼ mile radius around the School)  for traffic concerns (lack of signals, speeding, non-adherence to signage), environmental issues (overgrown brush, poor lighting) or infrastructural  issues (lack of sidewalks, cross walks, lack of bike facilities).

After we meet in the morning (Oct 30th, Monday –  8:15 am at the Chesterton Elementary School – STAFF LOUNGE), we will be divided in groups and then we will walk around the  students main routes to school.   During the audit, the participants (parents, community members, city engineers, law enforcement officials, school staff, students etc.) will be documenting barriers that prevent community residents and students from walking or biking safely. Information will be gathered by both observing the physical environment and the behaviors of people like pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

Once we are done with the walk, we will all reconvene at the school to discuss the findings. These will be categorized and  submitted for further evaluation/improvements.

This is your opportunity to voice your safety concerns and suggest improvements!

When: Monday, Oct 30th  from 8:15 am to 10:15 am

Where: Chesterton Elementary School Staff Lounge

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