CCSA in Clairemont Seeking Donations

I recently received an email from a Clairemont community member asking for some help with regards to the Community Christian Service Agency here in Clairemont.  I was forwarded an email (see below)

Dear CCSA Board and Supporters,

We have completed our most difficult week at CCSA.   During these times when all are stressed, we try to remain an oasis in the desert where those who are hungry can come to find sustenance.

Friday, March 20, 2020, we served 65 families in Clairemont.  We provided lunches and snacks to almost 80 people in P. B.  We made a difference in hundreds of lives this week!  Thank you Heavenly Father for letting us serve.

Our Staff and Volunteers have risen to the task this past week, but the challenge continues.  Although we are currently well supplied in Pacific Beach, we are very low on groceries in Clairemont.  Friday afternoon the produce was gone.  Commodities were gone.   Dry beans, oatmeal, and pasta are in critical short supply.  We have appealed to the food banks for assistance.  The grocery stores are short on produce to donate to us.  We expect a delivery of commodities on Wednesday.  That will provide some relief late in the week.

We have reached the point where donated groceries are not sufficient to meet our need.  We will be purchasing food for distribution this coming week.  This will place a strain on us financially, but we must remain true to our mission.

At this time I am reminded of an old preacher’s greeting to each new day:  “Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I can’t handle.”

May it be so.

I replied and said I would do what I could to help spread the word and asked for some specifics. (see below)

Hi Chris
The immediate need is rice, beans, pasta and can goods. The perishable can wait.  Supply chains have been temporarily disrupted. Meanwhile community demand for our support is up.  This is a double whammy. The pandemic is causing the immediate need. The projected Recession will make it an ongoing escalating demand. Add to that many Clairemont middle  class folks were already facing a choice between feeding their families or paying the rent.  Donation can be made between 9:00AM and 3:00 PM
We are located at the corner of Clairemont Drive and Rappahannock across from the South Clairemont Rec Center.

Donations can be made at where you can find us for credit card or cash donations.

Please help.

Community Christian Service Agency

4167 Rappahannock Ave.

San Diego, 92117

(858) 274-273