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Clairemont, California
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Clairemont, 1954

Optimism on New Year’s Eve is a time-honored tradition. Optimism and opportunity are vital elements of our American dream and folklore. Martin Ridge was my history professor at San Diego State College. In 1949, Ridge and...

How Does Clairemont Celebrate Christmas?

In the 1950s, P.B. was cool. Clairemont was searching for an identity. Shopping centers in residential communities were cutting-edge in the Fabulous Fifties. South Clairemont had the Quad at Burgener and Clairemont Drive. North Clairemont...

Clairemont’s First Baseball Team

By Bill Swank 60 years ago, San Diego Park & Recreation leader Chuck Hile organized and outfitted Clairemont’s first baseball team: The Clairemont Colonials. Mel Rizzo, 75, who still resides in Clairemont, was a hard-hitting catcher...

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