Butterfly Walk in Clairemont

Mourning Cloak

Butterfly Walk – July 12th

By Trent RobertsonThe Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group will be leading a butterfly walk in Marian Bear Park on Saturday, July 12that 9:00 a.m. The eastern portion of Marian Bear Park is frequented by a number of colorful butterfly species during the summer months. They are attracted to the riparian trees such as willows and sycamores, and seem to prefer the mix of sun and shade that this area provides.

On a sunny summer day it is not unusual to see Mourning Cloaks, Lorquin’s Admirals, and various species of swallowtails flying through and landing on the foliage. These are the species that preferthe riparian habitat. In addition, it is also possible to see the California Sister, which is common among oak trees, and the Common Buckeye which likes the Coastal Sage Scrub habitat.



Because the canyon is bordered on both sides by suburban development various “urban butterflies” such as Cabbage Whites, Sulphurs, Gulf Frittilaries, and Monarchs may occasionally pass through the canyon. Flat-top Buckwheat and other native plants provide a nectar source for both native and non-native butterflies.

The Butterfly walk will begin at the Cobb trailhead where Cobb Drive meets Cobb Place in North Clairemont. Please note that there are no facilities at this location. After a quick descent into the canyon we will follow the main trail into Marian Bear Park in search of butterflies. A pair of binoculars and good walking shoes are recommended.

The Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group is a group of volunteers that seeks to assist park staff in their educational efforts by leading guided nature walks and presenting programs at the Tecolote Nature Center. For more information on our programs or to volunteer, please contact the Center Director at 858-581-9959.

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