Bay Park Hike Scheduled 3/21/15

Gardena Ave Trail with a View of University of San Diego in the distance.

Gardena Ave. Hike

By Trent Robertson

The Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group offers guided nature walks from various entrances to Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. On Saturday, March 21st, at 9:00 a.m. we will be leading a hike from the Gardena Avenue. entrance and exploring a unique portion of the canyon featuring one of the most pristine examples of coastal sage scrub vegetation in the city of San Diego.

The trail follows an area of riparian vegetation for a short while and then ascends the canyon wall to reach a flat mesa that features a panoramic view of the canyon and USD to the south. Because of the mesa top’s southern exposure it is covered with coastal sage scrub vegetation. This vegetation type formerly covered large portions of coastal southern California, but due to development it is estimated that only 10% remains.

The trail meanders south along the canyon rim and eventually loops back down to the canyon bottom and the trailhead at Gardena Avenue. The trail is less than a mile in length, but it can be rather steep in sections. If it rains on, or shortly before, the date of this hike the hike may be cancelled due to slippery and potentially hazardous conditions.

If you would like to learn more about one of San Diego’s unique environments, we invite you to join us for a very interesting hike. Recent rains have helped to make the vegetation lush and many species of plants are blooming early to take advantage of the additional moisture.

We will meet at the east end of Gardena Ave. by the signed entrance to Tecolote Canyon. There are no facilities at this neighborhood entrance and parking is on the street. Please bring water, sunscreen and sturdy hiking or walking shoes. For more information, contact the Tecolote Nature Center at 858-581-9959.

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