Are we vaccinating ourselves to death?

Why too many shots are killing America

by Daniel Smiechowski

In January I visited a public school in Le Havre, France, where my cousin is the school’s headmaster. What I learned may frighten you. Most doctors in France believe childhood vaccinations are overdone, unneeded and perhaps dangerous to our health. Surprisingly, the same is true for American doctors in refuting all these drugs as mostly a free market ploy in prostituting the giant pharmaceutical companies.

Arguably, every mother wants a healthy baby and for that matter the same is true of every father. It seems to me that our culture led by huge and rogue pharmaceuticals, politicians who fear defeat by way of the media and just plain submission of public opinion has paved our way to death by way of the good old free market. Let’s fight back in seeking the truth and by not labeling folks that only want what is just and correct. Several months ago, I was approached by a very intelligent woman named Eileen Henot a leader in the anti-vaccination movement who so eloquently stated the obvious that being the profit motive of drugs in America as a driving force in maintaining the status quo and the likely bull in a china shop.

As an avid health advocate including everything holistic plus the sport of triathlon, my tendencies are toward everything natural within the human body.  That is not to say modern society ought to dispense with drugs. They certainly have their place in our world, but America is over medicated and over vaccinated. Why does the United States have the highest infant mortality rate among all leading industrial nations? We certainly vaccinate more than any country on earth. France has a comparably lower rate of vaccinations and their children are healthier. It seems to me that our nation is falsely and deliberately being led to ill health by the giant pharmaceuticals, some doctors who stand to profit, frightened and immoral politicians and a complacent media.

The movement of individuals to curtail many unneeded vaccinations may surprise you. These folks are professionals from all walks of life, including, teachers, doctors, lawyers, captains of industry and many others.  Nearly every weekend, I transport cancer patients from a clinic in Mexico to a hospital in Santa Barbara. What I hear will shock you! These afflicted souls looking for their last hope rail against the health system in the United States. What really surprises me is that these patients are mostly conservative and traditional in their politics and most consider themselves as patriots. Ironically, I wrote this article from France, where the Mexican treatment is legal and vice versa. Why can’t we catch up with the rest of the world?  This is a moral issue of greatest import.  This is a prostitution of the free market and it’s killing us in the name of profit. The cure is indeed worse than the disease.

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Daniel J Smiechowski has been a resident of Clairemont since 1967 and can be reached at or 858 220 4613

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