A Call to Help find Michal Krówczyński Last Known Location Bird Rock

From Poland to San Diego:

This is an appeal in search of Michał Krówczyński

Michał Krówczyński, a 30 year old math teacher at one of the high schools in Krakow, Poland. A great teacher with a modern way of thinking, very liked by his students and co-workers.

Michał Krówczyński Missing since 1/17/19 last know location the Bird Rock area of La Jolla

He was in San Diego on January 17th 2019. The next day he had a return flight to Phoenix, Arizona which he never made. The last thing he posted on Instagram app was a picture from the beach located near Bird Rock area. Then the contact with him was broken.

I assume that an accident could have happened. Michael could have stumbled and slid down from the rocky slope to the beach or some crevice near the shore. He still may be trapped in there, crippled, unconscious and waiting for someone’s help. Maybe he has also climbed a slope by the beach and remained in the crevice. Michał had a backpack and handy things with him. Therefore, we’d like to kindly ask all those who can, take the time to organize themselves in groups and search the beach slopes near the Bird Rock area. Maybe Michał is somewhere there in the rocky abyss and is still waiting for someone’s help. I assume that he could have covered about 3 km from Bird Rock in both directions. Michał loves the sea.

It was his second time in San Diego and, like he did previously, he must have gone to say goodbye to the sea before leaving California. Unfortunately, this time he did not return to Poland.

We would like to ask all people of good will to look and search specifically any cracks on the beach where he could be still trapped. Maybe someone will find abandoned things such as a cell phone, documents or a backpack.

Every detail counts. Thank you in advance for your help on behalf of my family, friends from the USA and teachers and students of the school in Poland.

IF anyone finds anything out, please contact.  Polish Embassy in Los Angeles 310 442 8500, or San Diego Police 619 531 2000